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About Us

Citizens Against a Town of Indian Land Incorporation is a South Carolina non-profit corporation whose only purpose is to defeat the current attempt by a handful of self-appointed men who, while failing to include any life-long Indian Land residents in their group, are responsible for the referendum to incorporate Indian Land and its rural countryside into a “Town Of Indian Land”.

Citizens Against a Town of Indian Land is comprised of a large cross section of life-long citizens of Indian Land, new transplants, veterans, professionals, rural citizens, business owners, retirees, and others.  We are a large and diverse grass-root group of men and women we are rising in opposition to this incorporation effort by V-TOIL for a variety of reasons.  Some of those reasons stem from the only guarantees that V-TOIL can make to Indian Land citizens including:

  • More government.
  • More taxes and/or fees.
  • More and continued growth in order to support the costs of incorporation.
  • More cost for road maintenance.
  • More bureaucracy.
  • More politics.
  • Unclear assumptions as to how much current county tax money will be repatriated (if any) to the town.
  • Loss of liability protection currently afforded to agricultural entities lying outside a municipality.
  • Endangerment to our agricultural and rural way of life.
  • Loss of routine patrols and accident response on Routes 521 and 160 by State Troopers.

Join us in this important battle.  Please take some time to review the different sections of this website as we have made every effort to provide you with the information needed to allow you to gain a better insight to our opposition.

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