No Town of Indian Land

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Boundaries of Proposed Town Will Absorb Van Wyck Community

  • Van Wyck has been a cohesive community completely separate from Indian Land since its founding in the 1880’s. Van Wyck has never been considered part of Indian Land.
  • Public opposition by Van Wyck residents to absorption into Indian Land is unanimous and has been met with total disregard by the incorporation team.
  • Per the Municipal Association of South Carolina, there has never been an incorporation effort where an URBAN area tried to incorporate such a significant RURAL area.
  • Providing required town services to the 16,000-acre Van Wyck area imposes an enormous financial burden on the proposed Town of Indian Land. Indian Land dollars should STAY IN TRADITIONAL Indian Land.
  • The Indian Land incorporation effort is founded on the idea of giving citizens a voice in their community, yet the loud and united voice of Van Wyck residents asking to be removed from the proposed town is deliberately and repeatedly ignored by the incorporation team.
  • Van Wyck has been granted permission by the State to have a referendum to incorporate. If Van Wyck were to incorporate, this would have negative impacts on VTOIL’s budget assumptions.