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Cost of Law Enforcement Significantly Higher Than TOIL’s Budget

All cost figures and operational issues are taken from Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office – Summary of Cost document provided to TOIL.  This document was provided to us by the Sheriff’s Office at our request.  Click here to see document.

TOIL’s $1,200,000 law enforcement budget only pays for existing 16 deputies.

  • 16 deputies – current total cost = $1,035,159
  • Annual estimated current cost to maintain 16 deputies = $130,980
  • Total current annual cost for 16 deputies = $1,166,139

TOIL does not report the following additional costs associated with incorporation.

  • South Carolina Highway Patrol will no longer work traffic acccidents in Town.  Sheriff deputies will be required to take over that responsibility.  Either their availability and response time will be negatively impacted or the Town will have to add additional deputies at the town’s expense.
  • Currently District 2 deputies are called in to assist deputies from District 1 on an almost daily basis.  Town will have to add additional deputies to maintain this level of support.
  • Unless the Town creates a municipal judge position, all fines and fees associated with criminal or traffic citations will pass through County magistrate’s office.

Additional cost to restore service to current minimum standards and/or provide upgraded service not reported by TOIL.

  • Annual cost of one additional deputy = $38,500 salary plus $21,218 benefits.
  • Cost to equip one deputy = $6,500.
  • Annual cost to provide one new patrol car = $41,374.  (The Town of Kershaw, population 1977, buys one new car each year for Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.  The Town of Indian Land, population 20,000, would have to buy several new patrol cars each year.

What is the message here?  TOIL has proposed a law enforcement budget that will offer inferior service than what is currently provided.  TOIL does not budget for a municipal judge and so fines and fees can not be collected by the Town.  TOIL does not budget for annual equipment costs that will be required.  You will be paying more taxes for less law enforcement services.  Click here to see a cost analysis of neighboring towns of Kershaw, Fort Mill, and Tega Cay.