No Town of Indian Land

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More Taxes! Another Layer of Government!

  • Proposed incorporation budget, which is realistically inadequate, is highly likely to result in new city property tax, personal property tax (e.g. cars, boats, golf carts, etc.), business license fees, and hospitality fees. Taxes and fees are IN ADDITION TO COUNTY TAXES CURRENTLY PAID. You will pay more and higher taxes!
  • Proposed services of Fire Department and Police Services are currently provided by Lancaster County taxes.
  • TOIL’s proposed law enforcement budget is woefully inadequate.    Click here to review cost analysis and supporting documentation.
  • Law enforcement costs for the Towns of Kershaw, Fort Mill, and Tega Cay are three to four times the cost of TOIL’s proposed law enforcement budget.    Click here to review cost of this service and supporting documentation.
  • Proposed operating budget does not accurately reflect true costs and potential variables (i.e. loss of revenue during economic downturns).  Budget shortfalls will result in increased taxes and fees.
  • The Vtoil proposed plan (including budget) submitted to the state was dated May 1, 2017. Their budget was not released to the public until May 16,  2017, one week after a pro/con town meeting was held to evaluate the merits of incorporation or not.  How convenient it was not to have it available for review at that event.
  • The incorporation effort creates another layer of government, another layer of regulation, another layer of bureaucracy and includes income of $2.2 million in the first year from building/permit fees reflecting no changes in continued growth of Indian Land.