No Town of Indian Land

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The Growing Indian Land School Problem

  • Lancaster County School District is Indian Land’s school system today and will remain so following any proposed incorporation.
  • School Bond Referendum was approved by the voters of Lancaster County and is addressing the needs of schools by upgrading facilities and adding additional schools.
  • Overcrowding issues in Indian Land schools will not be resolved by incorporation.
  • The incorporation team’s prominently displayed claim on the TOIL website that “the county wants to bus our children out of Indian Land” is FALSE! Read this newspaper article to learn how the School District is actively addressing Indian Land school issues and does not want to bus students out of Indian Land.
  • Of note, in spite of VTOIL’s constant complaints of Lancaster County’s negative actions/decisions toward Indian Land, VTOIL did not feel it necessary to propose local municipality control of the Indian Land school system in their plan.